Relocation Management in Sweden - Stockholm, Malmo, Lund, Gothenburg and nationwide

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Our Relocation Mission

Smooth Arrival, Easy living, Swift departure - for a fantastic stay in Sweden. With 20 years of relocation experience, helping thousands of families and individuals move to Sweden, we have developed flexible and unique relocation programs to Sweden for a successful and worry free transfer.

Our Relocation Services

We've refined our relocation programs to suit all needs, from basic to VIP, for a worry free stay in Sweden.

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Search Our Housing Bank

Needing to find a home? Take a look through the many available properties in Stockholm and other cities around Sweden.

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Expat Stories

We ensure a fantastic stay in Sweden, but don't take our word for it - read and watch the testimonials of others.

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Recent Property Listings in Sweden

In the widget below you see the last three properties that have been advertised in our housing registry. Our clients may look at the rest on our Customer Support Pages once a login has been issued.


Latest from Our Relocation Blog

Systembolaget during Christmas

As many of you may know by now, Systembolaget has the monopoly of selling alcohol in Sweden, which means it’s only there you can fetch your favorite Christmas liquors and other alcoholic beverages. The best-selling beverages sold at Systembolaget during this time include; Prippsjul öl, God Jul Glögg, God Jul Glögg Röd alkoholfritt, Byaregårdens Jul,

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Musicals and Plays to Watch

Sweden has a huge scene for musicals and plays, and just like movie premiers, many of them open around Christmas time. Although significantly more expensive than going to the movies, there is something quite extraordinary about experiencing the actors’ presence on stage and to feel the emotions of the story as it is being told

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Christmas in Sweden!

Our soft mission is to help our expats moving to Sweden to have the best time in their lives! We do it by sharing our own experiences. We see it as an advantage that we have a wide range of ages and interests in our office, as this means we have more eclectic suggestions for

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